Is your child or teen struggling with anxiety, anger, or behavior problems?

Raising children is difficult but at Palm Beach Family Counseling we help kids and teens show and express their feelings in a safe, warm, and supportive environment. It is completely normal for kids to have difficulty managing their emotions and behavior and parents are not expected to have all the answers. In addition, teens are experiencing many changes in their bodies and brains and their focus on peer relationships can make it challenging to connect with them and help them in a way that you feel is effective.

Behavior problems can be a result of recent moves or changes at home or school, difficulties with peers or siblings, or just struggles of being a kid in a digital age where bullying and a lack of personal connection can be hard to manage. Recent research shows that today’s kids feel less connected to others than they ever have! We have programs and recommendations that can help your child feel more connected as well as interventions to help your family switch their focus from the screen to each other.

We utilize play therapy and EMDR to help kids process and explore difficult feelings or events that they have trouble expressing verbally. Most kids will not sit down and talk to their parents about the challenges they are facing and often haven’t reached the point of development where they can express their feelings like adults can. Kids just know that they are experiencing something that is uncomfortable and play therapy uses the language of children to help them express and feel things they don’t have words for yet.

Because kids spend more time with their parents than they do with a therapist, we believe that family therapy contributes to better outcomes for kids who are referred for therapy. We cannot “fix” your child in one hour per week and may recommend changes that need to happen in order for your child to thrive. Parents are expected to be an active participant in their child’s treatment and will be asked to report regularly on positive or negative changes they are seeing in their child or teen. You are the expert on your child!

If you’re ready to work towards the family life you’ve always wanted, we are ready when you are.

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